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Note: This page contains spoilers. If you don't want to know anything, please go back.

Stage 3 - Yunikon no Sasayaki, The Whispers of the Unicorn
aired on 2003.4.17

Brief Summary

Risa told Riku about the date with Dark, and Riku was uneasy about it.

Girls were disappearing from their home mysteriously, the police had no clue on the case. Riku was among one of the girls who disappeared. Risa called Daisuke for comfort. Daisuke decided to save Riku without Dark's help.


→ "Every time I think about him..."
If Daisuke transforms into Dark because of love feelings, what about Satoshi? He was in pain when he said this, it's difficult not to think that Satoshi likes Daisuke.

→ the feather from grandpa
What kind of magical feather is that? In manga, Dark only steals things, he doesn't use any magical feather....
on second thought, every magical girl needs a magical sceptre/mirror to transform/fight the enemy...

→ "Koi! Uizu!"
Dark calls With to come, and throws the feather to the sky. With in black wings form comes forth, and then stick onto Dark's back. I found this scene hilarious, it's like those robot shows --- either Power Rangers or any other robot anime involving several parts to combine to form one giant robot. The finishing move --- a freeze frame showing the wholesome Dark!!
and yeah, whatever happened to With's head.. only wings?? so awkward when it flies toward Dark...

→ tight clothing
I don't like Dark's tight clothing... It looks funny on him. From the animators' point of view, they probably like tight clothing, imagine how annoying it is to animate the clothes when Dark is flying in the air....... they just can't keep up with the quality in the first episode....................

→ cultural reform
nani kore? must be something related to the families. The manga haven't mentioned it... yet..


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