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Note: This page contains spoilers. If you don't want to know anything, please go back.

Stage 6 - St. White Memories
aired on 2003.5.8

Brief Summary

Daisuke is choosing a birthday present to give to her mother, Emiko. Suddenly a piano is falling down from a building and is about to hurt a little girl. Daisuke rescued the little girl with ease, the little girls is unhurt but he has a scratch.

When Daisuke returns home, Emiko seems to worry more about him not being able to transform to Dark than her own son...


What exactly is St. White? It obviously is not White Day.
Goodness they aired this episode right before the Mother's Day ^^;;
So it's like 3 important dates at once. St. White, Emiko's bithday, Mother's Day. you just gotta be confused.


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