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Note: This page contains spoilers. If you don't want to know anything, please go back.

Stage 8 - Menou no Yokokujyou, Menou's Advance Notice
aired on 2003.5.22

Brief Summary

Dark's latest target is the "Agate Links" in the art museum. While Saehara is trying to get a picture of the nectklace for the cover story for his school newspaper, he snapped a picture of a beautiful girl. Who is the girl in the picture?

Dark arrived at the museum, and upon the girl's request, Dark will take the necklace one day later..


I was pretty much frozen watching this episode...
I noticed the change of style at the beginning, somewhat prettier than usual.
After a few minutes, I noticed the lack of animation, somewhat lazier than usual. (I meant, action/body movement kind of stuff is minimal, looks like the animators are slacking)
And then it just goes down from there.....

It sucks!
I am unhappy with what they did with this episode.

Let me get back to the word, frozen. As I understand, Menou is a ghost/spirit, not a fricking statue. Although when I read the manga, I had to kind of make fun of how Menou's hair is all flowy when she is INSIDE a building, but I forgave that because she is a ghost, and flowing hair looks good. But this is supposed to be anime, things should move. So you get to see all these characters doing stuff and the only things that move are their mouths. It sure does look funny when Menou's hair is that long and it can defy gravity for eternity. At least use some shoujo bubbles to cover it up!!!*_*

The lack of Saehara in the story so far... it sucks. I like him. In the manga, although a minor character, he gets some character development especially in this story of Menou and Agate Links. It just seems like the anime is attempting to leave him out of the story. There was too much time spent on the conversation between grandpa and Daisuke.

Daisuke. What? He just left his best friend alone? T_T

When is Hiwatari coming back? The lack of a rival for Dark isn't fun either.


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