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one of my favorite shoujo mangaka's, Ueda Miwa, website. There are a lot of colour illustrations, and of course, all the info about Ueda sensei ^_^ her current popular serie is "Peach Girl".

Ikezawa sensei's official page!! I'm totally in love with her Guru Pon serie~~ sooooo funny and cute!! In her HP you can even see some of her early stuff... like the manga before she became a mangaka!

The only manga of Conami sensei that I read is the one about the 20something years old OL falling in love with the junior high kid whose family business is the places for washing your body (what should I call that? lol) The manga is very very very funny~~

Miyauchi Saya sensei's page. Her illustrations and manga are stunning~~ I wish I can read more of her manga... Her books are always in Kansai accent, which I don't really know what the heck it is.. lol my Japanese knowledge is limited...

The webpage of Marimo Ragawa, best known for the manga about the baby and his brother :p she has the webpage greetings in several languages.. lol

For some strange reason I always thought she's Japanese, so I never read her books. Now that I found her page on the net and that she's actually Taiwanese, I think I may be getting her book.. lol cool drawings.. and now I found out she's working for DC comics in the US now...
Clamp da ne...
San Ban Kan 參番館
Suetsugu Yuki sensei's official page!! I'm currently reading her "Only You - tobenai tsubasa" manga... it's good, but it seems like English speaking people don't really know her..
Ai-chan 愛グヒモ本鋪
Aimoto Mizuho sensei's page.. I read one manga of hers, don't quite remember what it's about :P
Hiura Satoru
Hiura Satoru sensei's page.... I am half way through her Play Girl manga now... it's pretty good.... waah.. need to ask my friend for the newer books.. T_T
M's Room
Yoshino Mari, one of those mangaka who writes in "The Dessert".. and usually the story involves a little bit of H... lol basically the webpage is quite boring.. almost no pic *o*

Narushima Yuri's Home Page. who's Narushima Yuri? she's a mangaka. I read 3 of her short stories, and they're pretty cool in terms of content :) the site doesn't have much to see, but sure a lot to read...
Fuyumi Souryou @ Web
the official site of Fuyumi Souryou ^^ she drew the famous shoujo manga, "Mars"

Kataoka Michiru's official page.. she's the mangaka who drew the cutie Crayon Kingdom manga ^^

Takeda Yotsuba official page. one of the mangaka in "Dessert" =)

Tsuzuki Setsuri official page.. I don't like her much since her style looks so CLAMPish.
Kawachi Mica's official page... I like her sister, Kawachi Yukari, much better though... I hope I didn't made a mistake... >_<
Kazumi Yuana
Kazumi Yuana's official site.. I like her a lot... her manga is so cool and cute.. I don't know why, but it says "forbidden" to enter... O_o It should be there.... why can't I access it?!