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This was taken during "Hold Me" so I just try to do anything to attract Darren's attention. And OMG I did. Darren asked "Can I have your camera?" so I gave him the camera, and he took this pic, and this was the beginning of tragedy.... awww... tragedy with camera and pictures... I say that because, the camera stayed on the stage with Darren and Kristy (Hold Me girl of the night), they were supposed to take pictures with my camera (yay) and apparently they did. But when I got the pictures back, it turn out that the guy who was using my camera didn't realize that it's just a cheap old (old as in older than my age) camera, you click, and you turn the wheel thing. He probably thought it's "automatic".. so, no pictures were taken on stage. I feel so bad for Kristy because... it's my stupid cheap old camera's fault. (Yay, Darren was my photographer...) Hey, the girl at the back with glasses, I have a question for you (if you're seeing this).. were you dressing up as Madonna? My hands covered Priscilla.... =_=

and of course I got the camera back after all the Hugs and Kisses from SG to Kristy :)
Ahhhh! Darren! Don't touch her butt! lol

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