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Note: This page contains spoilers. If you don't want to know anything, please go back.

Stage 4 - Hikari to Yami no Hazama ni..., In Between Light and Darkness
aired on 2003.4.24

Brief one-liner Summary

Hiwatari Satoshi suspects that Daisuke is Dark, so he locked himself with Daisuke inside an old storage room in school in order to force Daisuke to transform...


I call this episode the BL episode, just because... (BL means Boys Love, alternative word is "shounen ai"). I wonder if the producer of the anime has gone too far playing with Satoshi x Daisuke, because the target audience is junior high kids.. or may be my sick mind makes it worse.

→ Hiwatari lives in a huge messy house
According to manga, he lives in a nice apartment on his own away from his father. Most importantly, there's no winged chair with broken left wing. What does the chair symbolize? Or is it there just because it looks "nice"? Hiwatari even sits on it in the opening~~

→ Hiwatari sleeps naked...
Really, you can't really be sure of it because he may be wearing shorts/underwear... or for the fangirls he's not wearing anything. @_@
The story supposedly happens in Japan, right? (is it really Japan?!?!?) Culturally Japanese are more conservative, most likely they don't sleep in the nude... (I'm generalizing here.) So he picked up the habit when he was studying aboard in Lagoon University.... (what am I talking about?)
Hiwatari is too skinny!

→ Cellphone on the bed, in vibration mode
A vibrating cellphone is bad enough, it's even on the bed... I won't talk about this subject!

→ Daisuke has a crush on Hiwatari!
Isn't that obvious? Even Dark said so! Poor Daisuke he is becoming a girl...

→ Risa's obentou
No matter how awful it tastes, Daisuke would say it is delicious because he is too kind. How come his personality got twisted around in the anime...

→ Hiwatari and Daisuke cuddles up together
it's all imagination:
Hiwatari: Stay away from me!! Don't get close to me!
Daisuke: but..
Hiwatari: kyaaaa!! I'm gonna *censor censor* you!!!!!! Wahhh I can't control my body anymore.. (and then he does things to Daisuke that can't be written here)

→ Daisuke needs to transform!
and takes out Risa's photograph from his back pocket of his pants. Another magical tranformation item!!! What bugs me is that, Daisuke probably had been sitting on the picture all day during classtime.......
Poor Risa....

→ Transformations
Hiwatari gets special treatment when he transforms into Krad. Not fair for Daisuke. When Daisuke transforms, he just transforms. No special things like wings slowly appearing, crucifix, white feathers. Krad even gets to wear his own clothes! Imagine him wearing school uniform, that is awkward and not flashy enough! Dark only gets to wear Daisuke's school uniform, and the sleeves are shredded too!!! Ever noticed how Dark fits in Daisuke's clothing when they don't even have he same size?

→ Light and Darkness
Light represents the good, Darkness represents the evil. Light and Darkness cannot go well together. The story changes it around so that Light is the evil, and Darkness is the good.
At this point, all we get to know is that Dark and Krad opposites each other, and there is no indication of what is Krad's intentions other than to fight with Dark. We'll wait and see...


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