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Note: This page contains spoilers. If you don't want to know anything, please go back.

Stage 7 - Chikai no Niwa no Adonisu, Adonis of the Garden of Oath
aired on 2003.5.15

Brief Summary

Over 40 years ago, Dark and grandpa began the ceremony to seal the demon which resides in a statue. Before the ceremony was completed, the statue was carried off into the sea by a giant wave. The statue is recently resurrected by the city...

In order to live on, the demon must take the souls of young beautiful girls.


Nothing to say about this episode. It's another one of those Dark is not stealing stuff yet he is the hero of the story therefore he does things to protect the world. The script writers need to realize that this is a story of a phantom theif. The episode almost had no dialogues too.


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